Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.2

As I was making this compilation, the temperature dropped a whopping 20 degrees celcius in a single hour – crazy, baby! The collective sigh of relief here in Sydney could be heard around the city and the chance of having a good nights sleep was most welcomed. Maintaining the heat though, is volume two in my current mix series – more sunkissed dreams and lazy scenes for you to bliss out to. I have road tested these comps at night in bed and they are great to enter slumberland with. Be warned though, the dreams that follow may be of the exotic coconut oil covered variety. – Meatskull

Skumle Planer – Marius Vareid
A Strange Land Discovered – Candy Claws
Turn – Top Girls
Soft Vision – Tropics
In My Dreams – Jeans Wilder
Sunburn – Beat Connection
Wind Surfer Cross – Lay Bac
María Purísima – María y José
Passing By – The Beach Boys
The Birds (Pts. 1-2) – Monster Rally
Another One – Craig Cruiser
Breaststroke – Mathemagic
Jetlag Blue Version – Vondelpark
Swimmer’s Groove – Beautiful Swimmers
Neu Chicago – Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta
Agave – Botany
Eron Byes (Maus Discofied Tribute) – Mau
La Bolsa Blanca – OJO
Cheaters – Teengirl Fantasy