Fact Magazine presents Mix 222: Urban Tribe

It was only this morning that I recalled Urban Tribe’s stupendous track “Eastward” and posted the youtube clip to facebook, A couple of friends were inspired to comment – I wasn’t alone in my love for this timeless piece of electronic glory. So here I am at home several hours later and in a wonderful moment of serendipidy, I discover that Urban Tribe is the newest engineer to control the consistently excellent FACT Mix series. This won’t be hosted online at Fact for long, so don’t sleep on a truly great musical mix.

Stingray, real name Sherard Ingram, is one of Detroit’s most uncompromising producers and selectors. Perhaps best known for his association with Drexciya, for whom he was balaclava-wearing tour DJ, Ingram’s own contribution to the music of the Motor City and beyond is enormous.

Ingram has put together FACT mix 222 to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Planet E, the label that released his 2002 Urban Tribe single ‘Covert Action’/’Rebirth’.  UT began as a solo project, but at various points in the last ten years Ingram has welcomed contributions from three of his close friends, friends who just happen to be legends in their own right: Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Kenny Dixon, Jr. (AKA Moodymann) and Planet E boss Carl Craig. The collective’s first joint effort was UT’s debut album, The Collapse of Modern Culture. Released on Mo’Wax in 1998, this LP was a brilliant fusion of 313 beatdown and, well, downbeat, with elements of electro, jazz, hip-hop, house and techno artfully intermingled. Tracks like ‘Peacemakers’, with its choppily edited horns, stuttering breakbeats and wistful synth sequences, and the eerie, near-junglist  ‘Sophistry’ are but two stand-outs on a seminal album which at the time of writing is criminally out of print (can someone please reissue it?).

We don’t think it would be an exaggeration to call FACT mix 222 one of the finest the series have ever seen. Ingram has dubbed it his FACT Street Brawl Mix, and it’s easy to see why – this is an epic journey into the tougher side of the UT/Stingray sound, all funked-up, spring-loaded sci-fi electro and radgy, ‘floor-melting techno. Perhaps most significantly, he’s really captured the intensity of his club sets – this thing simply does not let up. We don’t normally like to zone in on specific moments in a mix, but seriously, keep your ears peeled for 23:20 and 29:25 and try not to punch the air when they hit.

To reiterate: this is serious, serious shit, and we recommend that you listen to it LOUD, ideally while driving round your city at night. Don’t have a car? Get one.” – FACT Mag (read full mix info here)

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