People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz present Perpetuum Mobile

Jeez I love these guys. Here’s some of the most enchanting and strange sounds to ever grace your ears from People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz. here’s a Boomkat review of the album that the PLU have kindly posted as a free download. Don’t miss this.

“The grand dame of plunderphonics, Vicki Bennett teams up with fellow UK-based collage composer Ergo Phizmiz for this piece of music hall madness. Sampling end-of-the-pier type ditties from ancient crackling recordings, the pair lovingly sew it all together, layering snippet upon snippet of the audio clippings on top of one another to create a woozy sound universe in which old tunes meet modern production style, resulting in a teetering, schizophrenic approach to experimental mosaic music.

At times it’s all put together seamlessly, and it all just sounds like some insane ancient recording that’s been freshly unearthed (just listen to the multitrack mentalism of ‘A Bastard’s Waltz’). You’ll often hear Bennett and Phizmiz supplying vocal tracks to their edits resulting in an uneasy meeting of styles that never fails to entertain. ‘Smiling In The Rain Suckling’ is a slightly unsettling meeting of ‘Singing In The Rain’ and several other breezy pieces of music that gets gatecrashed by animalistic vocal snippets and all kinds of looped madness.

It’s genuinely astonishing to hear how apparently inexhaustible the hard drives of these two freakish musical historians are, and there’s certainly an awful lot to digest, but at no point during it’s hour-long duration does “Perpetuum Mobile” feel exhausting, instead you’ll find yourself with a great big smile across your face all the way through. Highly recommended.”