Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.3

Three mixes in, and things are (sun)baking nicely. Seems I have unconsciously included not one, but three Mathemagic tunes which breaks my unwritten rule of only 1 song per artist, but here I’ll let it slide, as his tunes are so great. This set includes some newer tracks and a couple of longer songs which should send you into an evening haze of unparalleled bliss. Surf these musical waves with ease, bro.

Easy – Mathemagic
This Love – Chico Mann
Always Will Be – Mathemagic
Montana – Elite Gymnastics
One Hundred Realities (Oneohtrix Point Never Cybersex Remix) – Chateau Marmont
Brain Storm (For Erin) – Mark McGuire
Sirocco – Mandlebrot & Skyy
Same Damn Time – Beat Connection
Sanna – Dextro
Girl>Boy – Icarus Himself
Kid Island – Mpala Garoo
Sailing – Craig Cruiser
High – Mathemagic