Lumerians present Transmissions from Telos

One of my favourite websites is Dangerous Minds. They’re one of the good guys, sharing a collective knowledge of the true underground pop culture. Here’s a mix they had up there today made by members of the band Lumerians, a band I’m unfamiliar with but judging them on their musical tastes, they seem like one to check out, fer sure.

“Most of this set are vinyl rips we tracked the other night in Marc’s living room. The whisky was flowing free and so were we. This is real shit. We wanted to showcase our top favorites that we’ve been digging the past couple years as opposed to songs that are obscure for obscure’s sake. If folks get turned on to new music that’s definitely and added bonus. There is heavy San Francisco representation of bands old and new: Chrome, Magnetic Stripper and Bronze as well as a whirlwind trip through Latin America and Africa before returning to the English speaking world with a brief detour in lesser Korea. At the end you can hear Tyler actually breaking Marc’s record needle. Reentry burns every time.” – Lumerians

01: Dick Hyman – “Topless Dancers of Corfu”
02: Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – “Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me”
03: Chrome – “Eyes in the Center”
04: Magnetic Stripper – “Extended Play”
05: Fabulous Diamonds -“Track 3”
06: Os Bongos – “Kazukata”
07: The Psychedelic Aliens – “Gbe Keke Wo Taoo”
08: Hydra – “Homem Com “H”
09: Sabu – “Choferito”
10: The Doves – “Mercury”
11: The Clean – “Point That Thing Somewhere Else”
12: Wire – “On Returning”
13: Bronze – “Parallels”
14: Teeth Mountain – “Soft Beast”
15: Jorge Ben – “Errare Humanum Est”
16: Shin Jung Hyun and the Men – “Twilight”
17: Dick Hyman – “The Minotaur”