Dr.Rob presents Besou in the Snow

If you wanted a sonic representation of the concept of beauty, this wintery themed mix from Dr.Rob reflecting on his recent sojourn through japan comes pretty damn close. Old tracks nestle along side complimentary recent releases to form a pillow to lay your weary head upon.
Hosted over at Plaid Music.

“Music that accompanied my attempts to explore Karuizawa in February 2011. In the snow. On a push-bike. Don`t worry if your Japanese is up to asking for directions. There`s no one here to ask.” – Dr.Rob

Stringtronics – Dawn Mists
Durruti Column – Royal Infirmary
This Mortal Coil – Thais 1
Stars Of The Lid – Hiberner Toujours
Wolfgang Reichmann – Abendlicht
Durruti Column – Pauline
Rachel`s – Egon & Wally Embrace And Say “Farewell”
Vapour Space – Cold Air
This Mortal Coil – Ivy & Neet
Stars Of The Lid – A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaningless Process
Sistol – A Better Shore (Walls remix at 33+8)
Cignol – Tumnal
Mark Mcguire – Brainstorm
This Mortal Coil – Meniscus
World Standard – first track on side B of first LP
Pan American – Both Ends Fixed
This Mortal Coil – Thais 2
Infinite Body – What They Wanted To Be Was Useless
Doves – Birds Flew Backwards (Chris Watson mix)
Sistol – Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never mix at 33+8)