Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.4

It’s a few hours after noon. The tides are shifting as the sun arcs it’s way over the horizon, it’s heat a bearable constant. The waves are gentler now, the sea’s urgency wanes. Volume 4 of Salt Dreams sees another turn in the music washing upon us. Not quite letting the rays of the day escape, yet lulling at times with anticipation of the evening breeze ahead and the promise of cool drinks, strange new company and carelessly whispered confessionals. – Meatskull

Best Lose The Dream – Ssaliva
An Evening in ‘79 -Vintage
Lovesick Synthetic – Baths
Whales – Sumsun
Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix) – Chateau Marmont
Once And For All (Clive Tanaka Remix) – Clock Opera
Give It Up – Tropics
Taj Mahal – Story
The Torquoise – Pop Winds
Overcoat Heat – Gala Drop
Backflip (In The Sauna) – Vondelpark
Mild West – Dustin Wong
Kaleidoscopic Fantasy – Space Dimension Controller
Here Come The Waves – Evols
Can’t See My Own Face (Abe Remix) – How To Dress Well
Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart) – Waves
OMG – Autre Ne Veut
My Love, Wilma – Bathcrones
Moth To The Flame – Ssaliva