The Weeknd presents House Of Balloons

Drake protege The Weeknd heralds in some future RnB shit that serves to pave the way for a re-imagining of classic US vocal group steez that doesn’t suck. Dude is from Toronto, flying under the radar…for now.
Dig on this free mixtape from a guy set to blow up on nerd blogs all over.

UPDATE: Some more info on this kid via
Mr.North: It’s remarkable in 2011 for an artist to stay unknown to the public while buzzing within the industry. But that’s exactly what a new artist from Toronto has done.  The one-man-band named The Weeknd has been receiving acclaim from writers, websites (FADEROVO) and major artists within the industry. Last year I was introduced to The Weeknd’s music by a personal friend. That same friend introduced me to The Weeknd in person after I mentioned how much MissInfo loved The Weeknd’s fusion of R&B and indie sounds. Drake and his producer/partner Noah “40″ Shebib are now mentoring The Weeknd so his career is now on warp speed. Last week The Weeknd joined twitter, launched his website and released a new single, “Wicked Games,” with some help from Drake.

MissInfo: It’s so rare that I like anything instantly. And half the time, I only like it enough to play for a few days. But when North sent over the links to The Weeknd’s videos, I was hooked immediately. These songs posted below are on constant rotation now. There are the rough edges of any new artist but this is the kind of hip hop-indie-electronic-soul music that reflects the diverse reference library that we all pull from now. I raved to everyone I knew, and heard similar reactions from Diplo’s camp, my homie Joeyie, Universal fam, and more. So it’s no surprise that The Weeknd and his manager Jake are working with Drake and his October’s Very Own team. Sounds like a perfect match. Definitely looking forward to following this man’s growth.
The Weeknd might be your future favorite singer.”