Frank Ocean presents Nostalgia, Ultra

Along with The Weeknd, Jesse Boykins III, Bilal and producers such as Sepalcure and Burial etc, I’ve been getting my RnB groove on a fair bit lately. Seeing as though hip hop is in a strange place right now, these funky cosmonauts are a welcome relief to some of the cashed up, shit talking foolishness that seems to be muddying the waters of one of my favourite artforms. Frankie boy is a member of the super hyper Odd Future Crew, showing what they are capable of when they aren’t jocking on rape rhymes and eating roaches. Nice.

Frank Ocean, also known as Christopher “Lonny” Breaux, is currently signed to Def Jam and has written tracks for popular artists like John Legend, Brandy, and your beloved Justin Beiber.  After years of being ignored by his record label, Ocean joined Tyler the Creator and the rest of the “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.”  To further show his distaste for the record label, he released his album Nostalgia, Ultra. without Def Jam on his tumblr.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little more about Mr. Frank Ocean, we decided we’d give some insight into his Nostalgia, Ultra. project.  The mixtape seems to be a slap in the face to Def Jam in the sense that he didn’t consult them to release it.  He definitely has some talent and I can understand how some are puzzled by his move from Def Jam to OFWGKA.  When I first downloaded Nostalgia, Ultra., I was expecting for a loud and inappropriate type project.  My suspicions were wrong and I fell in love with this mixtape after giving it a few listens.  I am a huge fan of everyone on OFWGKA and I think it’s really cool that Ocean is part of their group.  It gives them a different sound and feel.  It also attracts people who aren’t fans of Rap and Hip-Hop to their sound and movement.” – via The Good Life Reviews

1. street fighter
2. strawberry swing
3. novacane
4. we all try
5. bitches talkin’
6. songs for women
7. lovecrimes
8. goldeneye
9. there will be tears
10. swim good
11. dust
12. american wedding
13. soul calibur
14. nature feels