Pandemonium Jones presents Skull Candle

Slick tricks from Pandemonium Jones apropriated from my kindred bro, King Megatrip. Every song in this mix is fucking golden.

“My friends at Black Sheep Skate Shop in Charlotte asked me to make them a mix for their website. Two years ago. Whoops! What can I say, I got distracted. They didn’t mind much, and neither do I, and neither should you, cuz it’s a rad mix of funky rock and psychedelic soul that makes you want to strut confidently in rhythm to your local head shop and buy a blacklight poster and a feathered roach clip. I’m presuming it would be good to skateboard to, as well.

Major thankage to Chase and Josh at Black Sheep, Chris Goodwin for the awesome cover art, and Allison Reed and Mike Famous for production assistance on the forthcoming hardcopy, which will feature silk screened sleeves and handstyled CDs. Details on that project as they emerge. Also, gratitude to Cosmo Baker, Chris Lemon-Red, Jess Burns, Patrik North and the Ultimate Breaks And Beats for introducing me to some of these awesome songs, and to all who wrote back with constructive crits on the rough draft. – Pandemonium Jones

Sly & The Family Stone – Underdog
The Temptations – Psychedelic Shack
The Jackson Sisters – Miracles
Budos Band – Up From The South
The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
Smog – Bathysphere
Wreckless Eric – Whole Wide World
Syl Johnson – Different Strokes
The Doors – Changeling
Coke Escovedo – (Runaway) I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street
Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
Brian Protheroe – Pinball
Earth Opera – The Red Sox Are Winning
Frank Zappa – Sharleena
Black Mountain – Angels
Muddy Waters – Tom Cat
The Beatles – Helter Skelter
Graham Nash – Chicago
Ohio Players – The Funky Worm
Map Of Africa – Bone
Johnny Jenkins – I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Brain Ticket – Places Of Light
Azitis – The Prophet
Ugly Ducklings – Gaslight
Poppy Family – There’s No Blood In Bone
Yo La Tengo – Nuclear War (Version 2)