To a Big Boy who’s 3

Three years ago to the day I started this blog. It’s been a real labor of love and like any relationship, it’s had it’s purple patches and it’s lean times. I’ll keep it going as long as people are making mixes of interesting music, and seeing as though that doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon, it seems the meat flag will continue to fly proudly and brightly.

A big thanks to the 275 of you who visit here on average each day, and although that doesn’t seem like a huge amount in the big scheme of things, it’s been a fruitful and healthy following full of great feedback and joy, which is the whole point of this small space on the web! I’ve been in contact with some really talented people who love music as much as I do and if you’ve been a long time follower, or a newly crowned meathead, I salute you.

Let’s all hold hands and step off the precipice together into the futuuuuurrrrrrre.

Lots of love and BBQ sauce,