Ta-Ku presents Night & Day

Thought I’d throw up a few beat tapes that caught my ear this week. There seems to be a glut of wack MC’s about and so a well crafted set of instrumentals is always welcomed as a nice change in between decent vocal albums. This offering from fellow Aussie Ta-Ku is all over the net at the moment, but I wanted to give a link out to 92 BPM, who have their hearts in the right place.

“Barcelona RBMA grad and Perth born Ta-ku has recently assembled a banger of a tape. Approached by local sneaker boutique Highs And Lows, he was commissioned to supply a soundtrack for the drop of the latest New Balance kick Night And Day 577 (or is that Day and Night ??). Regardless, Ta-Ku obliged, and the result is nothing short of banging.” – 92 BPM

DAY (Ninasimonalude)
:::Wake Up
:::Great Start
:::Kill Time
:::Nine To Five
NIGHT (Albsurealude)
:::House Party
:::Get Together
:::Wild Out
:::Ladies Night
:::Late Night Lurk