Flashstrap presents Grzimek Safari

Flashstrap knows his way around some esoteric business. Here’s his latest creation guaranteed to open your ears and mind to a wide ranging selection of goodness.

“Ok, so this is the first of a short series of mixes I’m thinking of doing. There’s been a rapturous surplus of truly great music congregating openly in these waters of late, and I just sort of got the urge to throw together a mix in recognition of this bounty. Perhaps, too, it is necessary for me to commemorate a personal moment: this week my Safari, having spent s few weeks collapsed in the dust like a toothless elephant, came back from the shop all patched up, just as functional and pretty as a pony. It was a day that ensured my ability to go on many more motor safaris through the Mexican Serengeti, a tape in the deck and pulqué in the jar. Not only that, I can once again drive my boat (The Continente Nero, a Seahawk Series II 9-foot inflatable rowboat- I assure you it is thoroughly awesome and definitely hilarious) to the presa and hunt for shoreline ruins and tribes of goats. So I’m feeling positive about the future.

This is the first of what could be several, if there’s any interest. Vol. 2 is due to drop in a couple weeks regardless of y’all’s fervor or indifference, but after that we can talk.” – Flashstrap

1. Fear Not- Daniel Higgs
2. Get Thy Bearings- Donovan
3. Contemplating Mind- Barrington Spence
4. Come Show Me The Way- Disco Blaze
5. Andalucia- Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical
6. Pauline- Docteur Nico/Orchestra African Fiesta
7. My Mary (More Than Ever)- Jade
8. Domain of the Nadir Pasha- Dzhavanshir Kuliyev
9. Baia- Jose Oliveira
10. Funerale Di Un Contadino- Chico Buarque & Ennio Morricone
11. Phir Teri Yaad- Hemant Bhosle
12. Quicksand Beach Party- Missing Brazilians
13. Bogey Wobble- Paul McCartney
14. Blind- Deep Purple
15. I’ve Got Lightning- David Bowie
16. Techniques Special- Techniques All Stars
17. Ballake- Bembeya Jazz National
18. Cumulonimbus- Zru Vogue
19. Beautiful Black Woman- The Jihad
20. My Tane- Johnny Pineapple And His Orchestra
21. Til I Die (Desper mix)- The Beach Boys


“By the way, the image on the cover is a photo of famed zoologist Bernhard Grzimek zipping towards Uganda’s Murchison Falls in his amphibious car. In my best moments, I think I can almost smell the shadow of something so great as this. I wonder if there’s a tape deck in that thing.” – Flashstrap