Thes One presents Mustache Soul

Thes One of the irrepressible hip hop group People Under The Stairs has gathered  together a rare as hen’s teeth selection of under the radar soulsters that you won’t hear anywhere else.

“Mustache Soul delves deep into the bizarre world of outsider drum machine soul from the late 70′s and early 1980′s. All songs were taken from original vinyl pressings and the mix is an even hour of full curl power.” via Piecelock 70

Midnight Express to Love City – Spaceship Earth
Dancin Mood – Lenon Honor Jr.
On The Corner – Jeff Phelps
Do You Have It all Together? – Carver High Senior Class 84
Jammin To The Walls – Mirage
Changing – Lenon Honor Sr.
Stop What You Are Doing – Alex Blake Jr.
It s Your Life – Billy Martin
Party On – The Whatnaughts
Fast Lane – Tailor Made
Butter And Toast – James Becton
Come Back Lover – Fresh Band
Just Not Enough – Billy
Always I’m Down If You’re Down – Simon And McQueen
Messin With My Thang – Charles Wright
Piece Of Mind – Wendell Harrison
I Care – O. G. Johnson
Here and Now – Paradise Creative
Happiness – Steve Marshall
Space and Time – Guitar Red