Roger Dodger presents Substance Mix

Twisted hip hop jawn straight outta chilly Melbourne via Roger Dodger aka Westy aka The Fare Evader.
Westy loves a slice of crunky RnB with a dash of purple in his stank, so he’s given you and me the good stuff spread over 22 pant filling shots. Nice work New Australian bean. Exclusive to Meatskull, yo.

First Roll – Domo Genesis
Hang Out – Chip Tha Ripper
Statue of Liberty – Melo-X/Telli
House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls – The Weeknd
Wake Up Fool – Chip Tha Ripper
Spiderwebs – Azad Right
Jay Electronica Speaks About OB4CL.. – Jay Electronica
Songs For Women – Frank Ocean
Reflection Eternal – Just Begun f. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def
Wavves Vs. Doom – Etherea
Less Is More – Jerreau
1997 – Dom Kennedy
Dreams – Domo Genesis
Looseleaf Paper – The Cool Kids
Dead Presidents – J. Cole
Children Of The World – Big K.R.I.T.
Exhibit C – Jay Electronica
Yesterday Was A Good Day – Dom Kennedy
Just Be Cool – Dom Kennedy
Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) – Jay Electronica
Where’d You Go – Melo-X/Jade
Last Roll – Domo Genesis