Ewan Pearson presents Peal

Ewan Pearson’s
name rings bells worldwide.

I shoud know, I let him into a building once here in Sydney when I shared an office with the promoters who where handling his Australian tour at the time. A lovely bloke (at least he was in the 2 minutes I spent chatting to him). Pearson has become known as a Dj’s DJ – that is, his scope, selections and seamless mixing can move any dancefloor or static situation with supreme ease. Here’s a recent mix he made for Oki-ni consisting of some of the finest listening tunes from the 60’s until now. All share a pedigree in excellence and i’m sure will turn you on to some artists you’ll never hear elsewhere.

Peal is kind of a home-listening mix I guess, in the sense that this is the kind of thing I listen to when I’m not at work. All I knew when I started was that I didn’t want to put any house or techno in it.

I haven’t quite kept to that original plan; there is an Isolée track in there, along with a couple of proto or ambient techno things. But it was meant to be pretty abstract or contrapuntal stuff, plenty of mood and melody and a few songs at the close also.

It’s called “peal” because it’s full of bells, and even when there aren’t any lots of the music seems to fall and chime like bells do. I hope you like it.” – Ewan Pearson

01. Linda Perhacs – Spoken Intro To Leonard Rosenman
02. Max Richter – Laika’s Journey
03. Mountains – Sheets Two
04. Set Fire To Flames – And The Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts With Singing
05. Area C – An After Image
06. Glen Branca – Lesson No. 1
07. Mauritsstadt Dub – Musica De Cabloco Tocado No Pifano
08. Codek – Tim Toum
09. John Bender – 36A3
10. Lackluster – N
11. Isolée – My Hi-Matic
12. Sian Alice Group – Motionless
13. Michael Andrews – Boy Moves The Sun
14. Juana Molida – Micael
15. Brigitte Fontaine – Tanka II
16. Burnt Friedman and Jaki – Liebezeit The Librarian
17. Derek Jarman – Pearl Fishers In Azure Seas
18. Superpitcher – Moon Fever
19. Bill Callahan – Night


I decided to use this clip by Benjamin Crowell featuring Michael Andrews’ Boy Moves The Sun which features in Ewan’s mix because it really is gorgeous.