Bombé & Mr. Caribbean presents James Drake: A Mixtape

Currently doing the rounds is this interesting juxtaposition of two modern electronic RnB giants, namely James Blake and (sometimes hated on) uber producer Drake, put together by the heads at Bombé in an inspired move that has sent bloggers, beat nerds, hipster kids and chin strokers everywhere into a frenzy. It’s free and easy, so take a cruise to this the next time you’re out and about. The link below gives you the mixed and unmixed sessions.

“A soundtrack for sippin Robitussun & Alize in an abandoned Cathedral, covered in a velvet blanket with a sexy stranger on a dark night…” – Mr.Carribean

Find Your Limit
Measure It All
Wilhelm’s Fucking Best
Forever Bells
Successful CMYK
Ransom Money Youth
Fear Of Logic
Going In For Half Heat
Fall For Your Man at 9am