Monthly Archive: July, 2011

Machicod presents Indie R&B

Nice little selection of the new new in R&B/dubstep influenced beats and songs. Subtitled: “The Evolution of Alternative and Experimental Contemporary R&B”. Does what it says on the tin. Taken from the creator’s… Continue reading

Alan Gubby presents Nanny Tango Radiophonic Jazz

My man Murph hipped me to this amazing set over at the everlovin’ Paris DJs spot. You won’t find a more interesting selection of way out artists anywhere else today – guaranteed. “Alan… Continue reading

Sines presents Exclusive Mix for Percussion Lab

Box fresh mix of hazin’ R&B/rappin’ gear with a twist, from duo Sines. “I first noticed Sines while digging through the nonstop output of 2 step mutations coming from L2S. These guys were… Continue reading

Max Tannone presents Ghostfunk

Max Tannone returns, this time he’s rubbing the rhymes of the Wu’s Ghostface Killer up against some savage and smooth afrobeat funk trouble, highlife, and psychedelic rock music.. As usual, the results are… Continue reading

Zac Hamburg presents 2011 Balearic Delight

Another Balearic set, this one pilfered from the fine folks at AOR Disco and created by one Zac Hamburg. includes a remix of one of my current faves “Birds” by Torn Sail on… Continue reading

Leftside Wobble presents Acid Soul Vol.6

All round good guy and music pusher Leftside Wobble delivers the Balearicfunkdiscodeepness on this latest selection hosted over at his blogspot. “This is probably my favourite of the Acid Soul series so far.… Continue reading

Uggh..Nice Watch presents The Salaam Remi Collection

Salaam Remi – who knew? Uggh..Nice Watch certainly did – and to prove it, here’s 35 certified burners from the man to get your ears dancing. “Today, Salaam Remi is the guy who… Continue reading

Al Lover presents Distorted Reverberations of Reverberating Distortions

“Picking up where his highly acclaimed ‘Safe as Milk Replica’ left off, San Francisco producer Al Lover presents his latest work ‘Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion)’. Continuing his journey into the depths of… Continue reading

Adrian Younge Presents Venice dawn

Free funk for free! So fresh and so clean. “The story begins in 1998 as budding hip-hop producer Adrian Younge finds himself confined by the limitations of the MPC. He begins teaching himself… Continue reading

Urbo Archives presents Goons Cry 2

These punks have made a short mix to “get those thuggy tears flowin’”. Any mix with Melo-X has my attention immediately. Go forth and weep. “Since the last mix went down so well,… Continue reading

Mick Boogie & Jazzy Jeff Present Summertime 2

46 sundrenched soul, funk and hip hop jams from two men with deep crates and a love of the beats, Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff. If you grabbed and loved Twann’s Summer Madness… Continue reading

Neut presents Cold View

Something closer to home climatically and geographically is this mix from Neut. Chilled in the true sense. “Some ambient-ish no-wave controlled chaos. Artwork from an original slide circa 1982, captured digitally by a… Continue reading

Dead Poet presents Drum Machines Have No Soul Vol.4

It’s summer on the other side of the world, and Dead Poet is celebrating the fact with this boogie down BBQ set of 80’s funk ballers. Pass that dutch. “This time around we’re… Continue reading

Teedra Moses presents Luxurious Undergrind

With a voice not a million miles away from soul princess Erykah Badu and the production skills courtesy of the Maybach stable, Teedra Moses delivers the sultry future soul in droves on this… Continue reading

Jesse Boykins III presents Way Of A Wayfarer

I’ve been away from here, but now I’m back to tell you that your ears need this like your entire body needs oxygen. Life gets boosted, the universe is corrected. “After my last… Continue reading