Neut presents Cold View

Something closer to home climatically and geographically is this mix from Neut. Chilled in the true sense.

“Some ambient-ish no-wave controlled chaos. Artwork from an original slide circa 1982, captured digitally by a home made transparency scanner…” – Neut via Wooly Mammoth Sound

Billie Holiday ‘strange fruit’
Zwischenwelt ‘materialization’
Demdike Stare ‘regolith’
Igor Boxx ‘russian percussion’
Moonface ‘shit-hawk in the snow’
The Toy Library ‘scorched branches’
Vishnu ‘shared thought’
Coil ‘stoned circular’
Maska Genetik ‘moments of truth’
Spider & The Flies ‘space walking’
Tranquil ‘payroll (Deevo’s comet dub)’
The Oscillation ‘shake your dreams awake’