Urbo Archives presents Goons Cry 2

These punks have made a short mix to “get those thuggy tears flowin'”. Any mix with Melo-X has my attention immediately. Go forth and weep.

“Since the last mix went down so well, the Urbo Archives ‘crew’ (Taylor and Cieron) have returned with a part 2 for those of you who weren’t all cried out after the last one. Get ready to cry so much you piss, you goons.” – Leisure Mag

The World Needs Change (Soulja Boy) — Clams Casino
Novacane — Frank Ocean
High For This — The Weeknd
How To Thug — Crooked I
Satisfy You — P Diddy feat R.Kelly
I Get Lonely Too — Drake
You Vs Them — Jhene Aiko
Orgasmic Audio — Melo-X
Keep Faith — Melo-X