Uggh..Nice Watch presents The Salaam Remi Collection

Salaam Remi – who knew? Uggh..Nice Watch certainly did – and to prove it, here’s 35 certified burners from the man to get your ears dancing.

“Today, Salaam Remi is the guy who flies down to St. Lucia to work with Amy Winehouse; he’s the guy who executive produced the Sex & The City soundtrack, for god’s sake. But in the early ’90s, he first made his name as the man to see if you wanted to fuse hip-hop with reggae. In fact, his work with Bobby Konders on Super Cat‘s “Ghetto Red Hot (Remix)” arguably kick-started NYC’s whole obsession with rap/dancehall fusion.

The son of studio musician and producer Van Gibbs, Remi started out playing keys on Kurtis Blow records in the mid-’80s. After stints co-producing records with Konders, Marley Marl and Funkmaster Flex, he gave The Fugees their first hit record (“Nappy Heads (Remix)”), and crossed over to the mainstream with his massive reggae-pop hit “Here Comes The Hotstepper” by Ini Kamoze. In the last decade, he’s continued his mainstream success as both Nas and Amy Winehouse’s most reliable production partner—he’s produced so many records I love, I had a hard time narrowing this one down. I compiled 35 of my favorite Salaam Remi-related songs for one of this week’s Uggh…Nice Watch releases…”  – UNW

1. Super Cat “Ghetto Red Hot (Hip-Hop Mix)” (1992)
2. The Fugees “Ready Or Not (Salaam’s Ready For The Show Remix)” (1996)
3. Rebelz Of Authority “Blast of the Iron” (1995)
4. Patra “Banana” (1995)
5. Amy Winehouse “Stronger Than Me” (2003)
6. Nas “Made You Look” (2002)
7. Rakim “I Get Visual” (1995)
8. Changing Faces “Keep It Right There (Salaam Remi Remix)” (1994)
9. Da Bush Babees “Remember We (Salaam Remi Version)” (1995)
10. Greg Nice “Set It Off” (1995)
11. Mega Banton “Sound Boy Killing (Remix)” (1994)
12. Toni Braxton f/ Mad Cobra “You’re Makin’ Me High (Remix)” (1996)
13. Ini Kamoze “Here Comes The Hotstepper (Hertical Mix)” (1994)
14. Bad Brains “Love is the Answer” (1993)
15. The Fugees “Fu-Gee-La” (1996)
16. The Jackson 5 “ABC (Krunk-A-Delic Party Mix)” (2005)
17. Lil’ Flip f/ UGK “You’z A Trick (Remix)” (2007)
18. Ciara “Click, Flash” (2008)
19. Born Jamericans “Send My Love / Send One Your Love” (1997)
20. Biz Markie “Young Girl Bluez” (1993)
21. Kool G Rap f/ Nas “Fast Life (Norfside Remix)” (1995)
22. Funkmaster Flex f/ Nine & Tragedy “Six Million Ways To Die” (1993)
23. Shabba Ranks “Original Woman” (1993)
24. The Fugees “Nappy Heads (Remix)” (1994)
25. Zhigge “Rakin in The Dough (Uptown Bounce Mix)” (1992)
26. Black Sheep “Without A Doubt (Salaam Remi Remix)” (1994)
27. AZ & Nas “Serious” (2004)
28. Blaque “Can’t Get It Back” (2001)
29. Amy Winehouse “Tears Dry On Their Own” (2007)
30. Jamie Foxx “I Don’t Know” (2008)
31. Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows” (2008)
32. Ms. Dynamite “Dy-Na-Mi-Tee” (2002)
33. Nas “Get Down” (2002)
34. Amy Winehouse “Just Friends” (2003)
35. James Brown “40th Anniversary Medley (Mixed by Salaam Remi)” (1997)