Monthly Archive: August, 2011

Takexmexhome presents Future Space Travellers Vol. 1

How cool it is to have all these spaced cosmonauts gathered in one easily accessed place?!¬† A big thanks to Takexmexhome and Bleeding Panda for this interstella treat. “A spectacular 31 track long… Continue reading

Water Moccasins presents Mix02

Not a lot of background info on this excellently hand picked mix of 60’s psoft psyche pop, but you can check out Water Moccasin’s spot to find out what he’s all about. Side… Continue reading

DJ Agana presents After Hours

A native of Cali’s Bay Area, Superjustin aka DJ Agana brings the skunky late vibes with this mix of hip hop n spacey soul. I only had to look at the tracklist to… Continue reading

Flash strap presents Dub Hot Dubs

Bass n Drum style in this slab of fiery dub from the prince of voodoo exotica, Flash Strap. “My friend Jacob once remarked, about the heat on an early summer day, “It’s hot.… Continue reading

DJ Sigma presents Sigma 79

I’m back, so let’s go back, back to a time of such funky freshness, it makes today’s whorish hip hop pretenders¬† look like the stale ass chumps they are. Courtesy of Flea Market… Continue reading

Not Dead, Just Resting

More posts soon folks. Thanks for your patience. Meatskull