Meatskull presents Mud Rock

These days, editing a mix is a piece of piss thanks to digital technology. Those old enough to remember the classic “Pause, Record, Stop, Rewind” methods of cassette compiling will appreciate the attention to detail and dedication required to create a seamless creation worthy of passing off to friends and potential paramours.

Mud Rock was a mixtape proper I made for my mate Robbo back in the early 90’s. It was a time of extreme discovery for the both of us – mentally, physically and spiritually. In between seeing ska, reggae, hip hop and indie bands we were also drenching ourselves in the liquid culture of acid house and rave. Often there was a post-party physiological dissection back at my flat in Glenmore Rd, Paddington. Robbo was a mainstay at these sessions and it was around this time we discovered a mutual love of seeing the new dawn in accompanied not by the sounds of further electronic sonics (as was the norm in most post-rave situations) but rather, to the strains of squalling fuzzbox, phasers set to stun and and deeper explorations of the inner being in the form of psychedelic rock.

This was a time in pop cultural history that allowed those of an esoteric mindset to have reasonably free access to such delicate artifacts, should one put in the time and guesswork to root out the sounds that are now considered very desirable indeed in today’s world of ebay and blogs galore. Ashwoods, The Pitt, Lawsons, Redeye, Phantom, Waterfront, Metropolis and many other locations were ripe for the vinyl picking. For guys like us, who listened to a wide range of styles from an early age, these stores were the Holy Grail. It is these stores that provided 99% of what you will hear on this mix – some of it familiar, some rare as hen’s teeth, but all compiled with a common love of friendship and music.

Transferred from the original cassette, so sound quality is not crystaline, but the musical rewards are as clear as day. Alongside the music, there’s soundbites from Cheech & Chong, The Troggs and more. Enjoy.


Intro – The Troggs
I Can’t Control Myself – The Troggs
The Gene Genie – David Bowie
Strawberry Fields – Tomorrow
Monkey Man – The Rolling Stones
Hello Sunlight – The Sons Of Champlin
Sea Train – Sea Train
Incnce & Peppermints – The Strawberry Alarm Clock
Home Cookin’ – Eric Burdon & War
I Wanna Love You – The George Baker Selection
Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf
Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks
San Fransiscan Nights – Eric Burdon & The Animals
Got Love If You Want It – The Kinks
Black Rite – Mandingo
Little Green Bag – The George Baker Selection
The Trip – Kim Fowley
Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
Lady On A Bicycle – Kippington Lodge
Sunshine Of Your Love – The 5th Dimension
Shake – Shadows Of Knight
Hair – The Cowsills