Psychemagik presents Celestial Love | Test Pressing

As far as genre mixes go, this creation by Psychemagik is PERFECTION. Spiritual, jazzy, bumpin’ funky folk alongside blissed out stratospheric grooves. I only recognized one or two tunes, which is always a treat when listening to a mix consisting of older music. These cats dig DEEP. This mix will come in handy for a number of reasons and occasions, so don’t miss out.

Here’s a stab at the tracklisting from the heads at DJ History forum (well done btw)

IASOS – Dawn/astrology interview clip??
Luc Cousineau: La Premiere Fois
Walter Hawkins – Metropolis
McNeal & Niles – Quiet Isle
Don Cherry – Universal Mother
Sopwith Camel – Fazon
Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise (This is David Crosby ‘Orleans’ with some embellishment. It sounds great…)
Quintus Project – Night Flight (Alex Barck/someonelse edit?)
Dan ‘The Man’ Lacksman – Love You Every Day
Gino Vanelli – People Gotta Move
Marcos Valle – Estrelar
Nightbirds – Undertow
Apelsin – Igatsus
Strand of Oaks – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Dire Straits – Follow Me Home