Zumo en la Nevera presents Afrika Pseudobruitismus Sci-fi & Sunshine Mixtape

Grab your electric snorkel and dive into this ocean of sound precipitated by Afrika Pseudobruitismus.

“Afrika Pseudobruitismus is a nebula associated with young stars, which is located in the disk of a spiral galaxy near Melilla – just at the point where Tokyo and Los Angeles meet. Afrika Psudobruitismus, also known as Pseudobrutismus Africamus, shines as a result of the transformation suffered by the intense ultraviolet radiation that comes from the stars that are close to him. Afrika Pseudobrutismus has an intense magnetic field that induces the emission of electromagnetic radiation pulses and 4-track afrikan electronik space trash sounds at regular intervals. The dawn, dreams, alchemy, surf, the tropik, Vicks VapoRub, Riemann’s spheres, nebulae, amateur porn, you and me.” – via Zumo en la Nevera

01. Isao Tomita – Stars Wars
02. The Android Sisters – Robots Are Coming
03. Raymond Scott – Vicks Formula 44
04. Lamborghini Crystal – Cry, Cry, Cry
05. Bandaly Family – Do You Love Me
06. Gal Costa – Vou Recomencar
07. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Zopf: Giles Farnaby’s Dream
08. Dylan Ettinger & The Heat – Smokin’
09. Intersystems -Untitled
10. Bruce Haack – African Lillaby
11. Beach Boys -Can`t Wait Too Long
12. James Ferraro – Earth Minutes
13. Jean Jacques Perrey – Sentimental Trip
14. Lio – Amoreux Solitaires
15. Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Disco 2000
16. Rotflol – Don’t Worry (Stress Mix Excerpt)
17. Afrika Pseudobruitismus – Carla’s Island RemixX
18. Charles Manson – Give Your Love (To Be Free)
19. Vangelis – Bicycle Raiders
20. Computer Dreams – All Night Lon