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Pacific Ocean Mix

Wow, the soft rock, yacht rock, balearic grooves “Back to the Island” thang keps on keeping on. This set, via Be Hear Now is “a mellow mix, with a definite West Coast feel,… Continue reading

Max Tundra Promo Mix 2008

An amazingly eclectic set from Mr. Tundra. Max Tundra: Orphaned The Funky Worm: Hustle! Jensen Sportag: Cocktease Set The Tone: All Tied Up Ark: Le Magicien D’Os (Mr Oizo Mix) Linda Scott: I’ve… Continue reading

Well Turned Out Vol 16

A brand new day calls for another volume of Meatskull’s very own series of complations, Well Turned Out. A dose of dub, brand new vocoded soul from the man Kanye, an amazingly lush… Continue reading

Dumb Down The Disco

Now that all the hype’s died down, we can all finally bask in the glory of post punk funkiness courtesy of DJ Wrongtom. “Sometimes on 4 decks, often keeping it simple with just… Continue reading

Hardway Bros Bathing Machine Mix

“Hello – we are the Hardway Brothers. We like to muck around with sound. Once we were House, then we were Balearic, then we were Techno. We fought the Acid House Wars and… Continue reading

Bobby Corridor’s Melancholy Flowers Vol.2

Bobby’s first installment has been a popular link here at Meatskull, and rightly so. One of the most soulful and well concieved mixes you’ll ever hear. If it’s at all possible, Volume 2… Continue reading

Grand Final Feeeeeeeeeeever!! An Epic Mix

Take one AFL grand final, a case of Cooper’s Red and 2 DJ’s with muchos records and a love of making a noise, and you have an epic 8 hour set that I’ll… Continue reading

My 80’s Poplife

01 Colourbox – Baby I Love You So (12″Version) 02 Big Audio Dynamite – E=MC2 (Extended Version) 03 Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle On The Record 04 Carly Simon – Why… Continue reading