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Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol. 63

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a mix to my own blog, so here’s a new selection I made using tracks taken from my radio show last week. A mix of the… Continue reading

Meatskull Presents Another Angle Vol 42

As hot as the weather, this week’s Another Angle brings the heat with some dubstep goodness from Eskmo and Untold remixed by James Blake. A real treat is the opening track which is… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol 41

The second mix from Meatskull this week – you lucky people. Starting out with some heavy hitting remixes from the 90’s involving the masterful Andy Weatherall, disecting Red Snapper and Percy X. Another… Continue reading

Damo Ryan presents Gloomy (Funk The Hits Out Of Me)

Skeezin’ round your way in a crazy hat and an old school track suit lays Damo Ryan. Let him into your world to make it a brighter place. Just make sure he gets… Continue reading

Semantik presents More Gems and Treats For The Kiddies

Semantik’s on some serious crate diggin’ shit here with everything from BDP to The Turtles and more. This 44 track strong mix is peppered with some well known head nodders and some obscure… Continue reading

Dieprvies presents Last Night A DJ Pt.2

Wonderous summer mix of pop/balaeric/soul with the right amount of both class and cheese. The last track by Prefab Sprout (Leo Zero’s edit) is a big favourite of mine. Enjoy this in the… Continue reading

Jah Love presents Jah Fire Vol 1

Finding some great mixes around the traps today. This one’s courtesy of Jah Love and it’s a funky swag of spiritual jazz, boom bap hip hop, abstract beats and dubby vibes. Spark it… Continue reading

DJ Greenery presents Criminology Pays Vol 2

DJ Greenery brings the boom bap and the soul clap on this here ride. Plenty of big tunes and favourites as well as some killer remixes and edits you won’t find easily elsewhere.… Continue reading

DJ Moneyshot presents Beastie Beats: Check Your Head

Hot rockin’ mix of one of my all time fave album’s source materials found over at Mixed Bizness. “The one and only DJ Moneyshot has sent us this truly astonishingly amazing mixtape. To… Continue reading


Essential collection of independent hip hop releases fawned over by frothing fan-boys from the always on point Uggh…Nice Watch. “Making fun of modern day backpackers is definitely one of my favorite hobbies, but… Continue reading

I.C.O.O.Y.S presents The Bristol Sound of the 90’s

The veritable melting pot that was Bristol in the early 90’s gave birth to some incredible artists, the effects of which can still be felt today via dubstep, hip hop  and cosmic beats.… Continue reading

Jazziel Funkard presents Konkrete Jazz

Jazzeriffic selection of infused hip hop featuring many classic tracks. Perfect end of the week fare from Jazziel Funkard via The Sun Rise In The East. 01. US3 – Cantaloop 02. Guru –… Continue reading

Nasty Nas – 1991 Demo Tape

Of course he was the groundbreaking wordsmith with an ear to the street like no other when he busted out with Illmatic in 1994, but a young Nasir Jones was honing his craft… Continue reading

Happy Radio presents May The Funk Be With You

A very tidy funk,rhythm & blues, hip hop selection for a midweek get down. (via My Favourite Sound) 1.James Brown – The Funky Drummer 2.ST-4 – Funky 3.Bobby Williams – Funky Superfly (Pt.One)… Continue reading

Grooveman Spot – Smooth Strikes

I don’t know a lot about Grooveman Spot, but his mixtape caught my eye today and here it is. No wack rappers here folks, heavy hitters one and all…. 01. Boogie Nights Intro… Continue reading