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The Black Dog presents Krautrock: Return To The Source

What a combo – The Black Dog and a selection of stunning Kraut grooves. You know it’s gonns be a winner. “It’s now so hard to imagine a time when there was no… Continue reading

Natural Sunset presents Cinematic Surface

Gorgeous mix of cinematic electronica flavoured with post-rock and ethereal moods from Hungarian native Natural Sunset. 01. Bruno Sanfilippo – inTROpassion 02. Marconi Union – Suburb 27 03. P.B.A.S. vs Trafik – Last… Continue reading

Go Away presents Stereo test record Mixed by God’s Boyfriend

STEREO TEST RECORD provides a means for the demanding listener to check audio reproduction equipment without the need for expensive and complicated instruments. The sounds on this record are the final products of… Continue reading

Product 1086 proudly present Mashed in Plastic: The David Lynch Mash-Up Album

01. the voice of love is crying : COLATRON 02. blue rigby : WAX AUDIO 03. twin hearts : COLATRON 04. heaven’s drive-in : PHIL RETROSPECTOR 05. tori’s deranged : WAX AUDIO 06.… Continue reading


Too dope! Check this corker out from Bankie Phones. “A collection of rarefied electronic jak-beat slowed down Underground Resistance, contemporary paranoid pop, and Arpanet appreciation.” – BP Crossover- Black Mess Beta Evers- Prisoner… Continue reading

D*ruffalo presents Shooting Stars Never Stop

Massive 4hr mix exploring the production genius of  Trevor Horn from the good folks at D*ruffalo Online Magazine. Horn has shaped the sound of bands from within and as an outsider, and the… Continue reading

BBC Essential Mix: Diplo/Major Lazer

Another great BBC Essential set. Good to see Diplo back on point with some choice reggae cuts. Major Lazer hasn’t crossed my radar before, but he seems to be laying down some trendy… Continue reading

Move D – Live In Philedelphia

Dave Moufang – none better! LINK

Bos Bos presents Ghost Bos: The Mind Bridge

Another great set from Bos Bos (I posted awicked dubstep set by him some time ago). Here’s his tribute to the retro-futuristic Ghost Box label. I only discovered The Advisory Circle for the… Continue reading


Prefuse givin’ up the beats for free – Nice! “So I was on tour during back in the day and put together a c.d. of 31 or so songs, mostly very textural or… Continue reading

Fritz Von Runte – Lily Allen Remixed

Another creation from these cheeky buggers. Fritz von Runte & Mister Master Five have taken to Ms.Allen’s sugary pop and remixed all over it. Dig it. 01. Everyone’s At it [recreational mix] 02.… Continue reading

Zamboni Soundtracks – Wasteland Radio Broadcast

From the mysterious and wonderful world of Zamboni, comes this treat that takes the mix that extra step further. “It’s a little bit different than just a bunch of mp3s in a zip… Continue reading

Droid + Slug – Shwantology : 2

Recorded in 2006 using 6 sound sources (including MP3 players and laptops), this excursion into the realms of ambience from Slug & Droid was created for Blogariddims and hosted at the blog they… Continue reading

Youth Against Drugs presents DRUGS/LSD

Drugs are bad. M’Kay. 1. Intro (1:24) 2. Marijuana (3:43) 3. Morphine (2:57) 4. LSD (5:06) 5. Detecting Drug Use (2:35) 6. Interviews with Drug Users/Outro (10:17) LINK This granddaddy of all LSD… Continue reading

The Caretaker – Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia (six cd box set)

Dusty and forgotten memories, echoes and vibrations from the past. Using as source, recordings from the 1920’s and 1930’s era of Ballroom music. Often painful and desolate memories, recalled and replayed from beyond… Continue reading