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Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.21

It’s catch up time for my own series of compilations, Another Angle. Being off for two weeks did slow me down, but I’m back babaaay…So here’s not one, but two new downloads to… Continue reading

Bleeding Panda presents Landscapes We Cannot See

Neo-Classical, ambient, jazz, drone, prog and post rock. Bleeding Panda’s Landscapes We Cannot See is all these things and none of them. A truly tranquil, emotive and thought provoking selection. If mixes this… Continue reading

Dj Igacorosas – Kinzoku Kiba no Tourai

Lovely eclectic selection from Japan’s Dj Igacorosas, blending hip hop, beats and electronic noodlings to perfection. 01. Intro 02. Badawi / Final warning 03. Frag ment Ten / On the floor 04. Dj… Continue reading

The White Shadow Of Norway – Instrumentals

Some dope instrumentals from The White Shadow. Get ’em in. 01.Without A Shadow Of A Doubt 02.That’s That Shit 03.Solid 04.Roll Out 05.Action 06.My Contribution 07.Untouchable 08.Narrow Grave 09.Peep The Technique 10.Alamin 11.Nut… Continue reading

Colin Dilnot presents Breaking Point

Some gorgeous cosmic jazz courtesy of Colin Dilnot from his Keeping Soul Alive corner. Borrowed from my man Megatrip…check him out too! 1. Jothan Callins Prayer For Love And Peace Triumph LP Winds… Continue reading

Fulgeance (aka Peter Digital Orchestra) – Mac Fly Mix

Wildly eclectic set from Fulgeance. Skitterish beats, wonky breaks, jazzin freaks and no mistakes! bogdan raczynski – muzyka dla imigrantow / rephlex tranqill – payroll (fulgeance rmx) / one-handed music fulgeance – glamoure… Continue reading

Snap Ant presents The Silver Selva

OK – here’s two amazing sets hosted over at the goldmine that is Paris DJs. Respects to the crew over there for maintaining a quality oiyput every time. Here’s a total headfuck of… Continue reading

Nobody – Blank Blue Mix

What a treat from the prolific producer of the finest in dusty psychedelic beats and dreamy lullabies, Nobody. Here’s a cross section of rare, unreleased and selected album cuts from a number of… Continue reading

Daniel Stubbs – Comatose

Daniel Stubbs brings a lovely selection of the deepest ambient sounds you’ll find anywhere here today. 01. Thomas Ronkin – The Gates Of Sleep [Tristissima Records] 02. M Griffin – Dyslerium [Hypnos] 03.… Continue reading

Zamboni Soundtracks – Wasteland Radio Broadcast

From the mysterious and wonderful world of Zamboni, comes this treat that takes the mix that extra step further. “It’s a little bit different than just a bunch of mp3s in a zip… Continue reading

Droid + Slug – Shwantology : 2

Recorded in 2006 using 6 sound sources (including MP3 players and laptops), this excursion into the realms of ambience from Slug & Droid was created for Blogariddims and hosted at the blog they… Continue reading

Grievous Angel presents Fusion Dub: A mix of Miles Davis-inspired jazz, funk and soul, in dub

A great mix created for Blogariddims by Grievous Angel. “This time last year I was waaaaay deep into a series of pilgrimages deep into dubstep, a process that is still ongoing, though not… Continue reading

Photophob – Memplex (Free Album) starts into 2009 with Memplex, the new release by label co-founder Photophob. Leaving behind his Drill’n Bass escalations of recent productions, Photophob surprises with a calmed down mixture of Ambient, Oldschool Electronica… Continue reading

Crimea X – Seaside Resort Mixtape 01

A lovely Balaeric selection for the weekend. Seems The Clash’s “Cool Out” has gained momentum as a funky rediscovery – it seems to be popping up in everyone’s mixes! Mind you, there’s a… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Sun: Slide Show Pt 1 & 2

Here’s an unsolicited re-edit I did some time ago of the Australian outfit known as Sun featuring Oren Ambarchi and Chris Townend, who have released 2 gorgeous pop albums on the Preservation label.… Continue reading