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Sidney Looper – The Dreamix

Found this one today over at Sidney’s Return Feed spot. Be sure to give it a bookmark, it’s very nice indeed. “This is completely different from last months mix. It’s a super sleep-mode… Continue reading

DJ Paris Exotic Store – Un Drink au Shabada Club de Ginza (Mixtape)

Take a dip into the Gallic mind of DJ Paris Exotic Store on one of his many sexy and seductive mixes. DJ PARIS EXOTIC STORE Intro : Yamamoto no Pizzicato Jingi CUBISMO GRAFICO… Continue reading

Bleeding Panda – Monsturoso Instrumentale Vol 1

Made a great discovery tonight in the shape of the Bleeding Panda spot, so i thought I’d paste up some of it’s creator’s fine handywork. Here’s his dyn-o-mite instrumental sound off… “This is… Continue reading


Very highly recommended mix from the enigmatic H.C. Earwicker. He really goes above and beyond what constitutes the average mixtape. He injects his own creations and productions as well as tweaking existing sounds… Continue reading

Meatskull Presents – Another Angle Vol 6

Don’t sleep on this one…my newest late night listening comp is guaranteed to give you a big warm hug and make everything ok. I promise. Meatskull Low In The Sky – Fax Mn… Continue reading

Lance Link’s Autumn Rinky Dink

Thought it was about time to rescue some old mixes by Meatskull cohort Lance Link. Here’s the first in a bunch of kooked out sets originally created for the long defunkt Chik-A-Boom blog.… Continue reading

DJ BWYSE – Salty Disco Vol 1 & 2

These fucking top rank mixes I found over at Another Night On Earth have made my day. A perfect blend of old and new, funky and mellow. So good! “DJ Bwyse – a… Continue reading

Chris Keyz – Plays Crosstown Freebeards, Jazzbeats, & Jailbirds Vol 2

Mr. Keyz comes correct with another installment of his Crosstown Freebeards. . . series. This time he slants it towards a more bearded Balearic vibe which I absolutely love. Along the way he… Continue reading

Dirty Sound System – Le Mouv Party 2

DSS – say no more! Dirty Disco for the 4am crowd. 01. JOAKIM the minimum of life 02. PEECH BOYS don’t make me wait (todd terje edit) 03. WALTER MEEGO meego (pete herbert… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.4

Meatskull’s very own compilation series hits Volume 4 and having listened to it whilst horizontal last night, I can vouch that it does what is required to massage your mind, body and spirit!… Continue reading

Lance Link – Chick-A-Boom Vol.5

Here’s one of the volumes still hosted out there in the online cosmos I made up of real kooky loungey spacey fun sounds for a previous blog. I will re-up the other volumes… Continue reading

Bicicleta – A Devlin Mix

“Bicicleta” is the latest stellar mix from Devlin of Spankrock. Featuring T. Rex, Animal Collective, a Willie Hutch smooth jam, Neil Diamond,  Selda, and more, this one will appeal to fans of the… Continue reading

Strictly Kev – The Solid Steel Sound Museum

Wowee….Solid Steel’s main man Strictly Kev made this mindblowing mix as a tribute to 20 years of the radio show that continues to expose hot new talent and the best nuggets of gold… Continue reading

DJHHD – Further Hallucinations Ov LSDisco

This mix took a long time to complete & is in the style of MILF WEED & part of the Drug Session mixes as volume 2: LSDisco. It’s a small tribute to Albert… Continue reading

Another Angle Vol 1

My new 2009 Compilation series…..same same but different! Peter Broderick – Games Again Metaform – PCH Tim Hecker – Her Black Horizon Televise – Radiation Sound (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) Findlay Brown – Promised… Continue reading