DJ Barnacles presents Ragoom II

Barnacles returns with the second set of pure JA smoked out bliss, perfect for any occasion but in particular, try it on for size when you’re feeling like a holiday in your head.… Continue reading

House Shoes presents Constellations: An A-Z of Dennis Coffey

Matt “KIng Megatrip” King pointed out to me last night that he noticed things had gotten a bit slow here at Skull central, and y’know what? He’s right. However, it was enough to… Continue reading

Tom Caruna presents Okay Player: The Bollywood Remake

This one’s creeping all over the interwebz, too good to miss. I’ve nabbed mine from the consistently great Kevin Nottingham. “Hot off of last year’s Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery… Continue reading

Peverlist presents Mix For The Winter Traveller

Ooh, nice nice set from Punch Drunk’s very own Peverlist. leading with the amazing Virgo Four (check the great new reissue of the groups rares on Rush Hour), Peverlist shows us his great… Continue reading

Rob Theakson presents Kent Lake, Side A

AOR Disco deliver the goods yet again with this salty, sunkissed mix of 70’s/early 80’s goodness. “A few cuts of yachtness, a bit of obscurity and some bourbon.” – Rob Theakson Spats –… Continue reading

Max tannone & richard Rich present Selene

  Selene is a hip hop ep inspired by the film Moon. Each song contains samples from the original score by Clint Mansell. LINK

Lumerians present Transmissions from Telos

One of my favourite websites is Dangerous Minds. They’re one of the good guys, sharing a collective knowledge of the true underground pop culture. Here’s a mix they had up there today made… Continue reading

Clive Tanaka presents Poolside

The creator of one of my favourite releases so far in 2011 Clive Tanaka, who along with the Su Orquestra put out Jet Set Siempre No.1 on Tall Corn records has created this… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.3

Three mixes in, and things are (sun)baking nicely. Seems I have unconsciously included not one, but three Mathemagic tunes which breaks my unwritten rule of only 1 song per artist, but here I’ll… Continue reading

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz present Perpetuum Mobile

Jeez I love these guys. Here’s some of the most enchanting and strange sounds to ever grace your ears from People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz. here’s a Boomkat review of the album… Continue reading

Ning Nong presents So You Think You Can Shoegaze?

Dream popping psychedlic indie awash with reverb and hushed emotive vocals, Shoegaze. Spoil yourself here with a 3 hour (!) journey into the bedsit of your soul. Via Dangerous Minds. “Here’s an incredibly… Continue reading

Core News presents 6 Mix: Andrew Weatherall Returns

photo: Toby_Bin Another stunning set from Mr.Weatherall, this time as part of the 6 Mix series over at Core News. “Iconic DJ Andrew Weatherall returns for the latest edition of his 6 Mix… Continue reading

Fact Magazine presents Mix 222: Urban Tribe

It was only this morning that I recalled Urban Tribe’s stupendous track “Eastward” and posted the youtube clip to facebook, A couple of friends were inspired to comment – I wasn’t alone in… Continue reading

Resident Advisor presents Label Of The Month Mix: Future Times

Fuck yeah, Future Times. “The FT aesthetic—visual and aural—is created from the torn-off corners of past and present things, collected in a magpie fashion, and pasted together. Dusty analog drum rhythms will shed… Continue reading

How To Dress Well presents WIRE Mix

Ghostly R&B meets CAN and Britney in the echo chamber on How To Dress Well’s debut album. Here he is mixing up the Rhythm & Beats for the Wire mag’s ongoing contributor selection… Continue reading