Spencer Lokken presents Lilt

Found this at I Keep Forgettin’, a splendid site worthy of your attentions. I love a good chuggin’ set and Orchard Lounge mainstay Spencer Lokken brings it in droves. Boogie til you puke.… Continue reading

Seaworthy & Matt Rösner present Fluid Radio Mix

Gorgeous listening set from two talented musicians made especially for Fluid Radio. “This is the first mix by Seaworthy (aka Cameron Webb) and Matt Rösner for Fluid Radio and draws on many of… Continue reading

Matthias Rock (aka NorthernShore) presents Deep Chords & Echoes in Space II

More modern dub brilliance in this mix showcasing Detroit’s Deepchord (Rod Modell) and the stellar Echospace. Bifta’s a must. 01 DeepChord pres Echospace – Live in Seattle II 02 cv313 – Subtraktive (DeepChord… Continue reading

Bvdub presents 2 Hours & 20 Years (Headphone Commute Mix)

Brock Van Wey creates ambient dubscapes that stand head and shoulders above many of the hundreds of similarly inclined producers making a similar noise in the current musical galaxy. It’s the way he… Continue reading

Flash Strap Presents Exotiste 2: Schooner in the Mist-Snakes Among the Gods (Altered Exotica 2011)

Good news – Flash Strap has been busy in the grass hut witch doctoring up some new bubbling brew for your islander ears. It’s a tropical trip of the tantalizing kind. “Due to… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.2

As I was making this compilation, the temperature dropped a whopping 20 degrees celcius in a single hour – crazy, baby! The collective sigh of relief here in Sydney could be heard around… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.1

OK, so what with all this oppressive heat in Sydney and the fact that the hype machine has died down, I’ve decided to make a series of lo-fi/hi-fi beachwave vibe compilations. The sound… Continue reading

DJ Food presents ’88 was great but ’89 is mine

Ninja King and Solid Steel impresario DJ Food surely needs no introduction here. He’s rocked more mixes and events than you and I have taken breaths in and out. I was perousing the… Continue reading

Bleeding Panda presents Body Work

80’s funk and boogie – put together with the standard of care and love we’ve come to respect from the panda what bleeds. Street dance, street dance…. “Why? I’ve been meaning to finish… Continue reading

DJ Rob Pursey presents Real Man Music 2: The Return To real

OK, first post in some time and it’s a killer. I have been waiting for this to appear ever since I fell in love with the first volume which I linked to here… Continue reading

An apology of sorts

A short message to any Meatskull readers/followers/disciples – sorry there has been some dead air for a couple of weeks here. my site got put on hold by THE MAN for one tune… Continue reading

Flash Strap presents Exotiste

Twisted exotica from Flash Strap. Brilliant. “The compilation I present you with today is a concoction of my own labors, an outing of tastefully chopped-and-screwed (if you will) Exotica tracks. My passion for… Continue reading

oki-ni presents MOON by Andrew Weatherall

Who doesn’t love all things Andy Weatherall? The man is a living legend, an institution, a law unto himself. here’s something I haven’t seen from him in a while – “a quiet mix”.… Continue reading

Grevious Angel & John Eden present Lovers Rock Vol.1

Uncarved is a tight spot online and i urge you to bookmark it today. Here’s a great compilation of UK based lover’s rock that will melt even the coldest of facades. So what… Continue reading

Cut Chemist presents Hip Hop Lives 1985 – 1986

Cut Chemist mixing killer hip hop. Nuff said. LINK