Monthly Archive: March, 2011

The Weeknd presents House Of Balloons

Drake protege The Weeknd heralds in some future RnB shit that serves to pave the way for a re-imagining of classic US vocal group steez that doesn’t suck. Dude is from Toronto, flying… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.5

And so the sun sets on another day. Here in the Southern Hemisphere the autumnal air is creeping in like a forgotten acquaintance, come to visit univited. Luckily it’s always sunny somewhere in… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.4

It’s a few hours after noon. The tides are shifting as the sun arcs it’s way over the horizon, it’s heat a bearable constant. The waves are gentler now, the sea’s urgency wanes.… Continue reading

The Hathaway Family Plot presents Debt

You just know this is going to be interesting before you even hear it! “Toy instruments, theremins, vuvuzelas, mandolins, kitchen utensils, instruments I never heard of (Otamatones? Psalteries?) join keyboards and percussion to… Continue reading

Dr.Rob presents Besou in the Snow

If you wanted a sonic representation of the concept of beauty, this wintery themed mix from Dr.Rob reflecting on his recent sojourn through japan comes pretty damn close. Old tracks nestle along side… Continue reading

DJ Mordecai presents Banana Peel Disco

A heavy dose of sweet disco syrup to see you into the weekend courtesy of DJ Mordecai. Caught this one on the fly over at Double Standard Crew. 1. Alicia Myers – I… Continue reading

DJ Barnacles presents Ragoom II

Barnacles returns with the second set of pure JA smoked out bliss, perfect for any occasion but in particular, try it on for size when you’re feeling like a holiday in your head.… Continue reading

House Shoes presents Constellations: An A-Z of Dennis Coffey

Matt “KIng Megatrip” King pointed out to me last night that he noticed things had gotten a bit slow here at Skull central, and y’know what? He’s right. However, it was enough to… Continue reading

Tom Caruna presents Okay Player: The Bollywood Remake

This one’s creeping all over the interwebz, too good to miss. I’ve nabbed mine from the consistently great Kevin Nottingham. “Hot off of last year’s Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery… Continue reading

Peverlist presents Mix For The Winter Traveller

Ooh, nice nice set from Punch Drunk’s very own Peverlist. leading with the amazing Virgo Four (check the great new reissue of the groups rares on Rush Hour), Peverlist shows us his great… Continue reading