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DJ Moneyshot presents Beastie Beats: Check Your Head

Hot rockin’ mix of one of my all time fave album’s source materials found over at Mixed Bizness. “The one and only DJ Moneyshot has sent us this truly astonishingly amazing mixtape. To… Continue reading


In tribute to the great John Hughes, here’s the great (unofficial) soundtrack to Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, one of the all time greatest teen flicks of all time. Loving Parents (Instrumental) (0:56) –… Continue reading

Dirt Dog & King Megatrip present Pick Of The Week Mixtape 2008

They don’t call him the King for nuthin’…check out this stellar selection from Megatrip and his bro. As usual, it contains everything but the kitchen sink, mixed/cut/pasted and spat out with the greatest… Continue reading

Willie and Rising Dick

And now for something completely different…this one landed in my email inbox via a trash culture yahoo group I signed up to some time ago. Stanky raw comedy from a puppet and his… Continue reading

Lance Link’s Kitchen Sink

Another way out Lance Link mix I have re=upped for your pan-o-visual, ear melting pleasure. All kinds of fun to be had here, enjoy it in the nude. Love Love Love – Pugh… Continue reading

Lance Link’s Autumn Rinky Dink

Thought it was about time to rescue some old mixes by Meatskull cohort Lance Link. Here’s the first in a bunch of kooked out sets originally created for the long defunkt Chik-A-Boom blog.… Continue reading

King Megatrip – Cocaine Barbeque

Equal parts inspirational, rude, obnoxious, genius, funny as fuck and funky too, is the latest mix from none other than King Megatrip. well, here we go again — a mix I’ve been promising… Continue reading

Lance Link – Chick-A-Boom Vol.5

Here’s one of the volumes still hosted out there in the online cosmos I made up of real kooky loungey spacey fun sounds for a previous blog. I will re-up the other volumes… Continue reading

Elton & Betty White – Sex Beyond The Door

Sexually explicit outsider funk produced by an unlikely couple from Little Rock, Arkansas. From the Elton and Betty White artist description (Betty is now deceased, btw): In the early 1980’s, Betty was a… Continue reading

Strictly Kev – The Solid Steel Sound Museum

Wowee….Solid Steel’s main man Strictly Kev made this mindblowing mix as a tribute to 20 years of the radio show that continues to expose hot new talent and the best nuggets of gold… Continue reading

The Cool & Strange Thrift Store MP3 Project

A slow Wednesday at the Meat Factory calls for some mid-week madness from the irrepressible Otis Fodder (365 Days Project) and Dana Countryman. Take it away Dana….. “From the years 1996-2003 I published… Continue reading

Look Who’s Laughing Now

Comedy meets hip hop with hilarious results. LINK Eugene Mirman