Fuck Yeah Goths presents Mix One

A goth mix proper from Tumblr spot Fuckyeahgoths. The great thing about this mix is that it’s true to the scene’s roots as well as exploring some newer sounds that have taken their influence from the dark lords of yore. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t have chosen Lullaby as the Cure track to include!

Disclaimer:  Much like all the photos on this blog, this mix is editorial.  It’s some of my personal goth-styled favourites, making sure to include a few things I feel classify as “classic goth” in order to maintain the editorial style of this tumblr.  I don’t claim it to be anything, except 22 really good songs.
Technical Notes
:  This mix is purposely made at a short length so that it can be burned to CD, distribute freely as you see fit.  Depending on your burning application, you might have to remove the first track in order to fit it on a CD (but it’s more like an introductory track, and a nod to our Horror fangirl followers, so we’ll forgive you).” – Fuckyeahgoths

1. Spider and the Flies – Desmond Leslie
2. Suicide – Ghost Rider
3. An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump – Saints Don’t Cry
4. New Order – Denial
5. Cold Cave – Double Lives In Single Beds
6. Chris & Cosey – Synaesthesia (Daniel Miller Mix)
7. HTRK – Your Mistress Turns To Dust
8. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Red Light
9. Micron63 – Death Is Colder Than Love
10. Cabaret Voltaire – Spies In The Wires
11. Ipso Facto – Little Puppet
12. The Virgin Prunes – Pagan Lovesong
13. The Horrors – Shadazz (Suicide Cover)
14. Bauhaus – Dancing
15. The Birthday Party – Waving My Arms
16. Echo & The Bunnymen – Turquoise Days
17. Joy Division – Isolation
18. O Children – Radio Waves
19. Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People
20. Siglo XX – Silent House
21. The Cure – Lullaby
22. The Chameleons – P.S. Goodbye