Ziggy Stardust Remixed


Here’s a coupla Bowie mix up posts just for shits and giggles. First up, Bootie’s mash up of Ziggy Stardust, followed by Mancat’s exploration of the same.

Stardust Kids (Bowie vs MGMT)
Starman (Atom’s Space Funk Journey)
Star Of The Party (Bowie vs Jay Z)
Hang On To The Highway (Bowie vs Deep Purple)
It Ain’t Easy (Atom’s Quick Cinch Mix)
Moonage Symphony (Bowie vs The Supremes)
Soul Love (Atom Pink’s Innards Mix)
Easy Hypocrites (Bowie vs Bob Marley)
Suffragette City (DJ BC’s Sufferrin’ Mix)
Ziggy’s Lullaby (Bowie vs Shawn Mullins vs The Beatles)
Five Years (World Famous Audio Hacker’s Brainache Mix)